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What We Do

We collaborate with Fortune 500, mid-size and small companies, CEOs, colleges and universities, technology and healthcare firms, startups, nonprofits, law firms, athletes and celebrities to communicate to audiences broad and narrow. Our mission often involves one important objective: To protect the reputation of each and every client.


Everything we do on behalf of our clients involves creating strategic solutions to enhance our clients’ reputations. We create original content. We influence public opinion. We think strategically. We provide litigation support. We are proactive and aggressive. We target specific audiences. We build and rebuild websites.

We work effectively with editors, reporters, opinion-makers, broadcasters and bloggers for a simple reason—every one of our senior executives served as respected members of the Fourth Estate. With more than 150 years of cumulative experience as award-winning journalists, we have many friends and former colleagues who work at the nation’s leading newspapers, TV networks and online news organizations. They include the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, The Washington Post, Forbes, Fortune, San Jose Mercury News, The Miami Herald, CBS, NBC and ABC News, The Associated Press, Reuters and The Huffington Post.


This depth and range of expertise in strategic communications enables us to provide our clients tremendous value and flexibility. As strategic communications specialists, we pride ourselves in establishing and maintaining productive, long-term relationships with our clients – and with the media.
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