Crisis Planning

Callout_CrisisIn a crisis, every second counts. Indeed, the initial 24 hours often determines whether your company pulls through a reputational threat or suffers irreparable harm. Knowing in advance what to do and say during spontaneous situations—whether it’s an extortion threat, a defective product, a rogue employee or a government investigation—is vital. Having a crisis plan in place well beforehand enables you to respond quickly and decisively during fast-moving events.


G.F.BUNTING+CO develops custom crisis response plans for companies large and small. Every crisis is as different as the companies they strike. That’s why we research and draft a custom plan specifically for your company, your leadership team and your stakeholders. We apply best practices developed over decades of experience both managing and covering crises. What you won’t get is a boilerplate plan.


Here’s what our clients do receive:

A fixed fee based on the size of your company, because there are enough surprises in life to be hit with an unplanned bill.

A thorough, onsite research process that involves your leadership to identify the threats that may keep you awake at night.

A thorough review of existing protocols that can help make crisis planning part of your normal business.

A detailed, step-by-step plan that covers scenarios specific to your company and your people.

Pre-drafted talking points, response cards for public-facing personnel and core resources to facilitate quick decision making.

A thorough training regimen that makes crisis response second nature and provides one of the best road maps possible for navigating treacherous terrain.

24/7 access to our experienced team of crisis managers.