Digital Media

Callout_DigitallA single, off-hand tweet can cause huge headaches – or worse – for your company. Digital media are reshaping the way people communicate and the way information is shared. What’s not as obvious is how to harness and manage that change to your advantage.


G.F.BUNTING+CO has developed a unique digital media practice that focuses on exploiting online and social channels for strategic and crisis communications.


What does that mean? We provide our clients access to tools and skills developed over decades of digital experience to ensure their message gets heard above the cacophony of blogs, tweets, updates, tumblrs, feeds and, yes, news articles. We bring an unmatched combination of old and new media skills to leverage both for maximum impact.

This includes:

Search-engine optimization (SEO) so the content you want people to see online ranks high against strategic keywords;

Online forensics to pierce the veil of anonymity when your company and reputation come under attack;

Defensive online tactics to ensure your critics don’t pre-empt or co-opt your best channels and use them against you;

Comprehensive social media strategies to keep your company relevant in ongoing conversations;

Full website design, development and implementation, including content creation, social integration and search optimization.

We integrate digital into every strategy. It’s not an add-on or an after thought. Our best-in-class digital media unit is operated by professionals with deep experience in communications, security and technology. Examples where our integrated strategies have been deployed include:


  • Litigation support
  • Reputational threats
  • Corporate restructurings
  • Short-seller attacks
  • Labor negotiations
  • Entitlement approvals
  • Proxy contests