Media Accountability

In today’s digital age, one factual error in a news story is one too many. When an uncorrected mistake is published, other media outlets often repeat the error and it quickly spreads like wildfire on the Web. Unless, that is, the originating news organization is persuaded to append a correction on the digital version of the story as well as in print.


Callout_AccountabilityGetting reporters and editors to admit to a mistake can be a daunting task—so daunting that most individuals and corporations, even those with seasoned communications executives, either don’t try or give up at the first sign of resistance. We don’t.


As former reporters and editors, we understand that journalism is a dialogue–-especially when our clients have been misrepresented by factual inaccuracies. We know how to keep news organizations honest.


We regard corrections, big or small, as an important service for our clients.