Media Training

No one likes to be put on the spot. Multiply that dread many times over when questions come from a pack of hostile journalists. G.F.BUNTING+CO prepares our clients for press interviews, confrontational or not, with rigorous practice sessions that simulate the real thing. As former distinguished, award-winning editors and investigative reporters with decades of experience, we know how to ask – and answer – the tough questions. Now, we channel that expertise into making our clients feel confident in responding to the issue at hand.


Callout_MediaTrainWe set up role-play scenarios with our clients by firing questions while providing real-time feedback. At any point, we have the ability to “freeze” the action to explain the journalistic purpose for a certain question and then help the client fashion an accurate and compelling response. Sometimes, we videotape the session for analysis and critique. In addition, we sometimes call on the services of an accomplished executive-presentation consultant who can help the prospective interviewee with comportment, body language and bringing out the best in his or her own personal speaking style.


With this hands-on, team approach, we help our clients achieve great results by teaching them how to avoid common interview pitfalls, hone their message, think on their feet and instill confidence to face a room of testy reporters.