Reputation Management

When a crisis hits, there is no time to waste. Do you respond pro-actively by telling your story? Do you prepare to attack your adversary? Or do you mount an assertive defense? As distinguished journalists with decades of experience working under intense deadline pressure, G.F.BUNTING+CO executives have a unique ability to respond calmly, strategically and decisively. We deploy that same expertise and training on behalf of our clients when a crisis arises that may damage the reputation of a corporation, a CEO, a high-profile individual, a nonprofit or a start-up.


Callout_RepManWe have learned from years of working through challenging situations that no two crises are the same. Each case presents a different set of facts and circumstances that need to be diligently explored and deftly managed to achieve both short- and long-term objectives. That is why clients have come to rely on G.F.BUNTING+CO to design and execute innovative strategies to address issues that can make or break a company or an individual. We deliver real value for clients who know they can count on us to respond 24/7 to their most pressing needs.


It is not unusual for our executives to work after hours and weekends to help clients communicate to key audiences such as investors, stakeholders, employees, regulators and opinion makers. In the era of social media and instant communications, we know that conveying the right messages at the right time is key to protecting and preserving our clients’ reputations. That is why we have assembled a digital media team of experts that provides creative and effective online solutions.


Once we have guided clients through pressing challenges, many of them decide to retain our services well beyond the matter at hand. They discover that, once we become knowledgeable about their operations and vulnerabilities, we often can recommend and execute strategies to enhance their reputation as well as their bottom line. And we’re good people to work with, too. It’s why we strive to build a lasting and supportive relationship with every new client.