Title IX

Colleges and universities spend millions of dollars to burnish their image only to face severe reputational damage over accusations they are lax when it comes to investigating and punishing on-campus sexual assault cases. In these circumstances, they often turn to G.F.BUNTING+CO. for help.



As veteran journalists with decades of experience, including covering higher education in California and around the nation, we specialize in helping academic institutions deal with hostile media inquiries while showcasing their improvements and strengths in investigating sexual assaults under Title IX. Whether it is for a small liberal arts college or a Division I university football powerhouse, we fashion creative responses that tell the college’s story without violating the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Our forte is working on background with journalists to educate them about such matters as the client’s internal Title IX proceedings; victim-centered approaches to sexual assault and the complexities of high-profile cases. We also serve as forceful advocates for getting unfair or erroneous Title IX stories corrected.


G.F.BUNTING+CO is now a preferred PR firm under the ProResponse plan of United Educators, the insurance company for most of the education sector (high schools, colleges, universities, etc.). ProResponse is a special benefit given to members who find themselves needing crisis management/reputational services.