Aaron has helped clients on a broad range of challenging assignments such as bankruptcy filings, data breaches, proxy fights, leadership changes, development entitlements and short attacks. In addition to a collegial and collaborative approach to casework, Aaron specializes in marrying traditional and digial media approaches on behalf of clients.

G.F.Bunting - Aaron CurtissAt G.F.BUNTING+CO, Aaron develops immediate and long-term strategies for clients in both the traditional and digital spheres – including social media, reputation management, online forensics and platforms that empower clients to tell stories effectively.


Prior to making the leap to strategic communications, he was an editor, opinion writer, reporter and business executive at the Los Angeles Times – leading the newsroom’s transition from print to digital. Aaron earned a BA from USC and an MBA from UCLA. He also has a professional certificate in land-use and environmental planning from UC Santa Barbara and is a graduate of UCLA’s respected Certified Financial Planning curriculum.

“We subscribe to the belief that while it may be our egg, it’s the client’s face – meaning each communications strategy has to be unique, honest and true to the individual client.”

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